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Cheap Runescape Accounts For Sale

When buying Runescape accounts, there are many factors that you must consider besides the price. For example, there are many different types of Runescape accounts available. Choosing the right account for how you choose to play the game, will go a long ways in determining how much you are going to enjoy Runescape.

OSRS Skiller Accounts

A skiller account is a unique account that does not have any combat stats leveled. Instead, a skiller will have many of the crafting and harvesting skills maxed. Skiller accounts are great for players who wish to have a side-account available strictly for fishing, mining, blacksmithing, or any of the other crafting or harvesting skills available.

The downside to skiller accounts, is that they may not be able to survive in areas filled with high level monsters. Because of this, they do not make the best main accounts but rather fill a role as an alternate account to support your main account.

Runescape Pure Accounts

Runescape pures are essentially the opposite of skiller accounts. They are accounts that only focus on combat skills such as attack, defence, or magic. The type of pure is determined by which combat stats are leveled, and which skills are intentionally left at a lower level. By focusing only on one or two combat stats, this creates a highly specialized account useful in certain PVP and PVE scenarios.
  • Zerker: A mid-level pure that has 45 defence with high attack and strength. Utilizes a berserker helmet to quickly defeat other players in PVP combat.
  • MagePure: A character with low defence and melee skills but high magic. They are useful for locking other players in place not allowing them to attack you.
  • Ranged Pure: A character with low defence but very high ranged skill. This type of pure is effective at killing other players safely from a distance.
  • Gmaul Pure: A unique type of pure account with only 1 defence, 50 attack, and a Granite Maul. This type of pure, known as a Gmauler, is great at killing players with one shot.

Maxed OSRS Account

A maxed Old School Runescape account is an account that has maxed both their combat stats and their crafting skills. These maxed accounts are extremely rare and usually fairly expensive. In Runescape, it takes a significant amount of time to max a single skill. Multiply this by the large number of different skills available in the game, and you will see why such accounts are so valuable. Maxed accounts are a great way to enjoy every aspect of the game whether you are a beginner looking for a head start or an experienced player looking to skip the grind.

Old School Runescape Ironman Accounts

Ironman is exactly what it sounds like, a more hardcore version of Runescape. Playing on this game mode is not recommended for new characters or players that do not have a lot of time to commit to the game. In Ironman mode, a player must progress through the game without any help from other players, whether it be the Grand Exchange, trading items, or any other group-related activity. Having a high level account on Ironman mode, shows other players that you have mastered Runescape in a way that few other players have.

OSRS Staking Account

Runescape staking accounts are one of the few types of accounts which can regularly produce income for a player. Staking is one of the most popular ways of farming gold in OSRS. While staking, you will challenge other players to duels and receive the gold that both players have “staked” as a reward. While staking may be one of the best ways to farm OSRS gold, inexperienced players can lose a lot of gold if not done correctly.

Safely Buying Runescape Accounts

Buying a Runescape account can be a very nerve-wracking experience, even if you have bought dozens of accounts in the past. The online gaming account industry is filled with misconceptions and disinformation. At Accountwarehouse, we try to be as transparent as possible with our customers in order to provide the best service.

Buy Runescape Accounts FAQ

What information do I receive when I purchase an account?
After making your purchase, you will receive an email with the full account information. This information includes the Runescape username, password, registered email, registered email password, and the secret question for the email.

Where did you obtain the Runescape accounts for sale on your website?
Every OSRS account listed on our website came directly from the original owner. The original owner decided to sell their account to us, accepted our offer, and went through our thorough fraud screening.

How do I know the account will match the description?
One of the advantages of buying from Accountwarehouse, is that we inventory every account by hand. Auction style websites allow anyone to list their accounts without any sort of screening or inventorying. Every account that we sell, we log into and check every detail.

How fast is delivery?
Every account sold on our website is delivered within 20 minutes during our hours of operation. All of the account information is sent directly to your email. Depending on your payment method, some additional customer screening may be necessary.

What kind of guarantee or warranty do you offer?
We are the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on every account and actually backs it up. Every account sold on our website is backed by our Lifetime Warranty which comes for free with every purchase. Our additional warranty, Account Shield, can be added onto any account.

OSRS History

Most people looking to buy RuneScape accounts or OSRS accounts know very little about the game’s origins. RuneScape is an MMORPG that was originally released by Jagex on January 4, 2001. It’s currently available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Runescape Mobile was released on October 30th 2018.

Old School Runescape Gameplay


If want to buy OSRS accounts and haven’t played the game yet, you will probably want to learn a bit about the game. The game starts out with a basic tutorial that teaches simple skills needed to master RuneScape. To help further new players along in normal gameplay, various non-player characters (NPCs), known as advisors or tutors, are located throughout towns and new areas. This area is known as Tutorial Island and completing the quests here do not grant any quest points.

Probably one of the biggest reasons people are interested in RuneScape and want to buy OSRS accounts is that players choose their own objectives. Players also have the ability to join together for mini-games, PvE, PvP content, and can trade goods and chat with one another. There are no goals that you are required to follow because it is a true open world game where one can play the way they want. You could play for years and only farm ore, herbs, and get quest points while never fighting a single NPC.

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In Runescape there are no classes because your character is determined by the skills and gear you use. You are able to customize your character to look exactly how you want. When creating your character, you can choose any color (even blue), your hairstyle, and your own unique name.


RuneScape uses a skill system that allows players to interact with other players and the environment. In total, Runescape has 23 skills; 8 of which are limited to members who subscribe to the game. Players have the ability to raise their skills by gaining experience points each time they use a skill. The higher a player’s skill level, the more effective the skill becomes. An account with max skills would have a total skill level of 2277. The total skill level that a player achieves is a measure of their in-game status. When any skill reaches 99, you will receive the option of purchasing an in-game cape for that skill in order to show off your level status. Skills in RuneScape:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Ranged
  • Prayer
  • Magic
  • Runecrafting
  • Hitpoints
  • Crafting
  • Mining
  • Smithing
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Firemaking
  • Woodcutting
  • Agility
  • Herblore
  • Thieving
  • Fletching
  • Slayer
  • Farming
  • Construction
  • Hunter
Some skills are used to collect raw materials. These materials are used to create items that can be used by other players. These items are often worth a lot of OSRS gold. A player can sell or trade these items with other players and shops. Some skills have very specific purposes. These skills like agility give players the ability to build houses, gain bonuses in combat, steal from NPCs, and craft various objects.

It’s extremely important to see what skills the characters have when you are wanting to buy OSRS accounts. Some people won’t pay much attention to the skills when they buy OSRS accounts, and that’s a mistake. High end accounts will come with over 2000 total skill and often have high end skills like Slayer at level 99. If you care more about finding a cheap RuneScape account then you will want to find an account with a lower total level.

How does RuneScape Combat work?

One of the most important aspects of the game is combat. RuneScape employs a semi-real-time combat system. Most of the primary activities in the game involves defeating monsters in combat who drop special items or defeating other NPC characters to complete quests points.

Combat level is the general indicator of how powerful a character is in combat. This applies to both players and NPCs. The combat level of a player is determined by running a mathematical algorithm on their combat skills. The main combat skills in OSRS are Strength, Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged, and Prayer.

A player can engage in combat by simply clicking on the enemy they choose to attack. In order to cast magic spells on an enemy, you must select the spell from the magic book and then click on the enemy. The fighting will continue automatically until one of 3 things takes place:

  1. The player dies
  2. The opponent dies
  3. The player retreats
Your gear in OSRS is very important. Many of the best items are either locked behind hard to complete quest or have a quest point requirement. They may also require a total skill level. High end items can also be very expensive. For example, one of the most valuable ranged weapons in the game is known as the Twisted Bow. This bow costs over 1 billion RS gold which is a large sum for the average Runescape player. Another item that can greatly increase a player’s combat is Barrow Gloves. The ability to equip this item is locked behind a ton of quest points. One of the last ways to get good equipment is to defeat bosses. The best cape in the game is known as the Infernal Cape. The only way to get it is to defeat the inferno gauntlet. A fire cape is also a great option and significantly easier to obtain. Many players try to obtain a fire cape or infernal cape by using boosting services. Be careful buying Runecsape account boosting on websites like Playerauctions or G2G. Many of the sellers on these websites employ bots and can lead to your Old School Runescape account getting banned.

In RuneScape there are three primary types of combat:
  1. Melee – These are attacks that take place at close range. Melee attacks include hand to hand weapons like swords, axes, and whips. Melee is very useful for slayer tasks and often uses barrows gloves.
  2. Magic – These are attacks that use runestones and staffs to cast spells. Desert treasure and other quests can unlock special staffs and magic abilities for mages. You can also buy staffs on the GE.
  3. Ranged – These are attacks that are made by hurling, throwing, or shooting projectiles at a target. Typical ranged weapons include bows, arrows, darts, and throwing knives. Ranged can be a great way to farm items by keeping your character out of harm’s way. Players can buy these items with 07 Runescape gold at the Grand Exchange.
The great thing about the Old School Runescape combat system is that you are not locked into one category. You can max every single skill to be able to use Melee, Magic, and Ranged all at the same time. Alternately, you can focus on just one combat style to become a pure. A pure is a special type of account one would often purchase due to its difficulty to obtain. A common pure is a zerker which is 45 defence and only gains defence points by completing quests. Another common pure is a mage pure. When making a mage pure it is important to complete the Desert Treasures quest. These types of pure accounts can be great for PKing in the Wilderness. When you kill another player in the Wilderness, you are rewarded with in the other player’s OSRS gold and items. You may also fight other players in the duel arena. In the duel arena you can stake your Old School Runescape account’s gold or items against other players. Whoever wins the duel wins all the staked items and OSRS gold. Be careful as there are many kinds of scams players can attempt to pull when staking to steal your Runescape gold. Scamming can lead to an account ban.

OSRS Accounts

Runescape can be played in multiple versions or game modes. In order to fully understand the options, you have to start from the beginning. When Runescape was first introduced in 2001, it was not the most visually appealing game on the market. It made a big splash due to its “free-to-play” gaming model. In fact it was so appealing, the same “free-to-play” model is still in use today. You can log in and play accounts at any time for free. You can then get quest points in a breeze.

The fact that it was free was not the only draw. The ability to play it 100% in a browser gave it a huge cross-platform appeal. It makes it one of the easiest way to play. The game’s complex yet simple gameplay, helped create a huge following. The following that RuneScape earned continued until the closure in 2018. This made it one of the all-time, longest-running MMORPGs.

Old School Runescape (OSRS) was released in 2013 after a poll by Jagex. Over 50,000 players voted in favor of bringing back the old version of the game. This overwhelming response was a resounding yes. Jagex staff used a version of RuneScape from 2007 that was found in an old backup. This version of the game was used as the springboard for the release of the “old school” version. This version is still active today as the most popular playable version of RuneScape.

The Ironman game mode was released in 2014. It was available for both RS3 and OSRS. The ironman mode is completely different in terms of gameplay. In this mode you are prevented from trading any form of items with other players. This can include, loot drops, grand exchanges, store sales, and even direct trades. You will need to make a new account to play this mode.

This game play makes it feel more like a solo player experience. While you are in the general population of RS users, you simply cannot exchange items with them. There are two additional variations of the game mode:

  1. Hardcore Ironman – In this mode you get one life. When you die, your high score is saved and you are downgraded to a standard Ironman account. You cannot use the grand exchange in this game mode.
  2. Ultimate Ironman – In this mode you are prevented from using banks. This means all items you own have to worn or managed in your inventory. Just like in Ironman mode, the Grand Exchange is off limits too.
Deadman mode is exclusive to OSRS. This game mode was released in 2015 and uses your existing 07 account. In Deadman mode, your character starts out fresh with no levels or items. After 6 hours of playing in Deadman mode the world becomes 90% Player vs Player (PvP). This is counteracted by a large increase in XP gain rate. However, when you die you lose a portion of your item and some XP from non-protected skills. This is a competitive tournament and at the end of the season there are cash prizes for the winners. Since this is a competitive mode many gamers use forums or live chat in order to last longer in the tournament.

Bounty Hunter and PvP Worlds are examples of some of the more killing focused modes and mini-games that have been produced for RuneScape players. Whether it is the set world variant or in the mini-game form, Bounty Hunter assigns a target to you based on game stats and skill levels. Likewise the other player has your character assigned as their target. Both of you have the same job; track your opponent down and win the fight.

PVP Worlds differs from Bounty Hunter in that most of the RuneScape game becomes a PvP zone. The primary difference is that you can battle from one side of the world map to the other, similar to Deadman mode. However, you will be able to use your existing accounts with all your gear and skill levels.

Mobile may not be a specific “game mode” but it is definitely a different version of RuneScape. It provides totally new opportunities to play the game in different ways. In 2018, OSRS was released on both the Android and iOS app stores. The mobile version offers players the ability to play right along with PC players, from the convenience of your mobile phone. You can even live chat with other players.

What is the purpose of Guilds?

The in-game guilds are special institutions. Each one is dedicated to something special in the game world, whether it is a special feat or even specialized skills. Guilds often contain various resources, as well as stores that sell armor and weapons that cannot be bought in any other store.

Gaining entry into the various guilds may not be as easy as it seems. Each one requires different things in order to gain access. It may be a specific amount of quest points, a pre-determined skill level, completing a specific quest, or even a combination of these.

What is RuneScape currency?

Gold is the main form of currency in RuneScape and OSRS. It is almost universally accepted by NPC’s, other players, and the Grand Exchange. Most other forms of currency are location specific and used in quests and mini-games. Additionally, within the game itself there are mini-games that often have currencies that are exclusively dedicated to the mini-game itself. Examples of currencies from mini-games would be castle wars tokens, and NMZ points.

Gold can be purchased here at Accountwarehouse with PayPal and many other payment methods. We do our best to offer cheap prices on gold along with the best service. All of our gold for sale comes from legitimate farming methods with no risk of account bans.

Runescape Accounts For Sale

When you are buying an Oldschool Runescape account you want to get the most value for your money. The first step is finding a reputable vendor that has OSRS accounts for sale. The game trade industry is filled with shady websites who may have OSRS accounts for sale at a discount, but no price can be put on account safety. At Accountwarehouse we are able to offer both the best price for your account along with the cheapest prices when it comes to buying a game account. Our industry leading warranty protects buyers and is not a gimmick like Playerauctions’ “Trade Guardian” or G2G’s “Gameprotect.” Protecting your account security and personal information is our #1 priority.

We accept multiple payment methods such as Paypal, credit cards, and multiple crypto currencies. Our goal is to ensure a safe, secure, hassle-free transaction so that you may enjoy your new character to the fullest. Many players choose to buy an account on other online forums and marketplaces. Sythe for example is one of these marketplaces. In this forum, you can talk to other gamers and try to buy an OSRS account for sale. There is no guarantee of account safety and it is up to you to do your research in order to ensure you do not get scammed. Many people will try to buy accounts that were leveled by bots such as Powerbot. These cheap RuneScape accounts usually have no quests and carry a high risk of a ban by Jagex.

At Accountwarehouse we only carry premium gold and Runescape accounts. We always know the recovery questions if you ever need assistance with your account. Websites such as Playerauctions might take much long time to deliver your Old School RS Account since they are just a middleman marketplace. If you buy here, we deliver your new 07 account within 20 minutes typically. After your purchase, the full RS account details including login ID are sent to your email address. Our livechat can answer any questions you may about the OSRS accounts for sale on our website.

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